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lawn care Services are what's made us "Lawn's Best friend"

If there's ONE question that we get from any client -- Everyone always wants to know... "How can I get a nice lawn?"

It's not a simple answer, and a solution doesn't happen overnight. But we have devoted our company to studying, implementing, and completing sustainable and immaculate lawn improvement.

Black Dog will provide you with unique consultation and proposals for your lawn whether it be: Year-Round Care and Maintenance, Lawn Treatments, Annual Lawn Improvement, Soil Reconditioning or Overhaul, or Appropriate Lawn Mowing Practices.

additional services you may consider

Black Dog believes in regular lawn fertilization and lawn treatment for your home or business. We generally operate on a Five step program that will improve, defend, and support an already established or developing lawn surface.

  1. Lawn Feeding With Annual Over-seeding
  2. Pre-emergent Weed Prevention In Early Spring
  3. Weed Control and Prevention In Late Spring/Early Summer
  4. Weed control and Drought Support In the Late Summer
  5. Winterizer in the early Winter months to feed a Fall over-seeded lawn

Each program is designed uniquely to your property's lawn needs. Additional lawn fertilization treatments may be necessary to provide you with the lawn quality your home or business deserves.


  • Regularly scheduled Lawn Maintenance
  • Soil Reconditioning and Overhaul
  • Lime Installation
  • Annual Aeration and Over-seeding
  • Leaf Mulching and Appropriate Mowing Practices